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The scientific team at Solutex has recently developed a line of ingredients known as Lipinova. Lipinova is a major patent pending innovation in the field of specialized nutrition resulting from the unique combination of fractionation and purification techniques applied to Omega-3 rich oil. Through a proprietary and extensive enrichment process, Lipinova was developed as an immunonutrition ingredient line for use in products that boost the body’s own natural immune response.

Lipinova contains standardized levels of SPMs, or Specialized ProResolving Lipid Mediators (17-HDHA, 18-HEPE and 14-HDHA), which are natural metabolites derived from EPA and DHA. SPMs drive the resolution of the inflammatory response.

The liposomal pro-operative activity of Lipinova was validated through in-vitro and in-vivo models of inflammation.

Solutex also works on a “metabolipidomic” platform, which allows testing blood SPM levels and signature profiles. This platform is offered as an analytical service.


Evolution Omega 31

Understanding the immune response

When the body experiences physical stress, the immune system is activated. The resolution of the body's natural immune response is an active process regulated by Specialized ProResolving Mediators that derive from EPA and DHA. Without SPM’s inflammation becomes chronic and is associated with various health related conditions.


Lipid Mediators: Scientific Evidence.

Solutex is under the advisement of a scientific committee at Harvard University led by a specialist in the field of SPM’s, Dr. Charles Serhan.