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Innovation through Education

Solutex strives for innovation and is committed to their employees and the pursuit of excellence within the industry. Our drivers of innovation include technology in addition to project collaboration with several global prestigious universities

The award La Catedra Solutex of Sustainable Chemistry (University of Zaragoza)

The success achieved by Solutex inspired our leadership to support the educational pursuit for young academia, therefore the award La Catedra Solutex of Sustainable Chemistry was founded at the University of Zaragoza.

Solutex strives to attract students to topics of interest in green chemistry, conducting forums and meetings, and serving as a platform for the development of projects including doctoral theses between Solutex and UZ…these are some of the highlights.


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José Antonio Mayoral
Director of Solutex Sustainable Chemistry




The award La Catedra Solutex of Sustainable Chemistry grants two scholarships towards a Master’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry to students in their fourth year of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. In addition, an internship of 350 hours is offered at Solutex upon coursework completion.


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Resoltex, based on the State Program of R+D+i (Investigation + Development + Innovation) is designed to assist with the challenges faced by society specific to health and wellness. The project is a collaboration between hospitals and institutions combined with the expertise of Solutex in the area of omega-3 fatty acids and the benefits they provide.



PROJECT COSMOS      cosmosrecursos2

Solutex participates in the Cosmos project, a 4.5year venture with a goal of reducing the dependence on coconut and palm kernel oils imported from the European Oil Industry. The Project is developing techniques to tailor domestic oil crops specifically for production of oleo chemicals. The Cosmos Project is funded by the Research and Innovation Program in the European Union.


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Innovative SME Award Recipient

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness granted Solutex the Distinction of Innovative SME Excellency Award.


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