Factory F3

Plataformas Tecnológicas

technology platform

Factory F3 (Flexible, Fast & Future)

The manufacturing plant in Mallen (Zaragoza) operates under the 3F principle:

• Flexible: We design and customize formulations to achieve specific results for Solutex, in addition to developing formulas supplied by our clients.

• Fast: We’re efficient, operating continuously, 350 days a year

• Future-Oriented: Our business philosophy embodies a mindset of willingness to expand and embrace technology as well as maintaining compliance with future environmental and safety regulations.

Our facility offers highly competitive production capacities and capabilities. Our processes include the use of supercritical fluids, concurrent extraction, chromatography (SCC), rectification techniques, molecular steam distillation, nanofiltration techniques and ion exchange units. Our commitment to sustainable green chemistry is evident in the integration of our combined technologies, allowing products to be manufactured in a green sustainable environment to ensure that our materials are safe, pure and cost effective while minimizing environmental impact.